Marko Polojärvi - Founder, Avatar OS Lead Engineer

Marko is the primary contact point in Avatar Team. Everything except Avatar Network Protocol has been designed by Marko so he is the best person to answer any questions about the project.

Marko at Discussions · Email: (PGP key) · Twitter: @markopolojarvi

André Staltz - Avatar Network Lead Engineer

André is the mind behind Avatar Network Protocol. If you have anything related to Avatar Network Protocol or Avatar Bridges, André is the best source for answers.

André at Discussions · Email: (PGP key) · Twitter: @andrestaltz

Dave Hagman - Avatar DHT Lead Engineer & OS Developer

Dave is the code machine behind Avatar DHT. When he has free time from DHT development he helps Marko to build Avatar OS. In all DHT related questions Dave is your best source.

Dave at Discussions · Email: