A free and open-source

operating system for the Internet

with privacy built-in

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We have a vision where the Internet is again a world where you can access information beyond borders, be as anonymous as you want to be and not have to worry about being constantly analyzed and monitored.

This vision is called Avatar, an open-source operating system for the Internet.

Avatar is your own personal connection to the digital world. It connects you to your friends directly, bypassing the middle-man; helps you make your files available online securely and privately; and brings all the awesomeness of the Internet straight to you.

Avatar works on all devices with a modern browser and doesn't require you to buy any new devices.

"We want to push the Internet into the next era"

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Digital-self done right

Avatar is a new, better way to be connected to the world around you. It's not just another profile you create, it's so much more. Avatar is a new, independent way to exist in the digital world. With traditional social networks you are playing by their rules and hope they don't change them too much. With Avatar you decide the rules.

One of Avatar's core beliefs is that the Internet is not just a place you visit, it's a brave new digital world you live in. The future will be about creating a whole new digital layer on top of our existing world. We believe that a secure and private digital-self is essential unless we want our brave new world to be all about spying and profiting from our personal lives.

Avatar has been designed meticulously so that it's impossible to read anything you say or store without your permission. In fact, you decide who knows your name, age, face or location. Nothing is shared automatically. Avatar is all about having precise control over what you share with the world. There are no central servers. There is nobody who can suddenly change your settings or look at your private messages at will.

It has never been this easy to enjoy the benefits of a modern internet while being safe from prying eyes.

Everything important in one place

The first thing you see when you access your Avatar is your updates hub.

In the hub you can always see new interesting content from all over the Internet on the left, all new status updates from your social networks in the middle and important notifications, like private messages, on the right.

Now you are connected to your friends no matter which social network they use, always get the best content and you'll never miss a private message again.

And it's all customizable.

Access your files anywhere, without compromising security

You can drop in any file or folder you want and choose how you want to share and sync it. Your files are automatically encrypted and only you know the keys to open the files. You can store your files safely either by using our Avatar Storage service, or hosting your files yourself with our cross-platform helper software called Avatar Bridge.

Whether you choose to host your data yourself or you use Avatar Storage, nobody will be able to access your data except you. All data is encrypted before it ever leaves your device. In fact Avatar protects your files so well that nobody knows you are storing files online.

You can store any type of file and you can use built-in apps to open documents, ebooks, photos, music and videos.

No more trying to find out how to get files from your mobile to desktop, or vice versa. Put them in Avatar and they are available wherever you are.

A faster, better, smarter Internet at your fingertips

What if you could pop out a field where you could just write what you want instead of trying to remember gazillion different websites with different user interfaces?

Avatar Omni is a way to access all the awesomeness of the Internet without ever having to open a new tab. You can search, open webapps, play music, watch videos, use maps to get route directions, and much more.

Omni is fully extendable so anybody can write new commands for it.

Messaging, simplified (and private)

We believe it's not your job to keep track of what social networks your contacts use. With Avatar you simply just write a message and the system takes care of delivering the message to your friend. You can use your Avatar to communicate "cross-border" with other social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

If you send a message or share a file with another Avatar user everything will be completely anonymized. Your communications with other Avatars are invisible to everybody else.

As with Vegas, what happens in Avatar, stays in Avatar.

Avatar Network, everything anonymized by design

Recent revelations have revealed that our Internet privacy is being dismantled every day little by little. Avatar Network gives you and your friends true privacy to share files and talk about anything without having to worry about it being recorded. Avatar Network makes sure your communications are completely invisible to everybody else except the intended receivers. Avatar Network is your very own invisibility cloak.

Avatar combined with Avatar Network is truly a revolutionary step in the history of the Internet. Being secure on the Internet has never been so easy.

Avatar Bridge, free cross-platform enhancement

You can enhance your Avatar at any time by installing a small application called Avatar Bridge to you computer. It runs on Windows, OSX and Linux. Avatar Bridge enhances your Avatar with capabilities browsers don't have yet, like accessing external devices or utilizing your computer's resources better.

Avatar Bridge also gives you the ability to host your own files.